The Assistant Room

Branding / 2016

The Project Overview:

The Assistant Room is a brand new online magazine by PAs for PAs. Much of the content is exploring the luxury lifestyle associated with big business in the Old Smoke, providing an invaluable tool for young professionals in the sector (or those who like to live it up). Before launching, they needed a logo to match their stylish vision.

Much of the Assistant Room’s content is centred around hospitality and lifestyle, in relation to the PAs and their top-level management. Aiming to create partnerships with premium hospitality names, the Assistant Room brand needed to be appropriately high-end in terms of typography ad colouring. It also needed to nod to the solidarity of a largely female dominated profession. A profession that is often overlooked in importance and influence.


Project Team:


The Assistant Room logo design

We saw the opportunity to sneak in a ‘SISTA’ easter egg within the gold square for the eagle eyed users of the service.