The Project Overview:

Style My Garden is the modern brainchild of Norfolk-based siblings from the plant-expert Tacchi family. Realising in the lockdown of 2020 that the time-strapped millennial generation were investing in their first properties and taking a strong interest in their gardens, there was a lack of good information on how to create a dream garden without hiring a landscape gardener.

Taking on this ambitious position, Style My Garden envisioned a website where the user could input the size of their flower beds, the sun coverage, the soil type and the desired plant density to create their custom order…all delivered by flatpack.

Together, we created the Style My Garden brand with a visual style in line with the target-audience’s expectations. We also developed a unique e-commerce system with WooCommerce to facilitate the specific buying journey required.

Project Team:

Repton Creative

Style My Garden Logo
Style My Garden logo and icons

The logo lockup, palette and icon set position the brand for the audience and set the foundation for the website.

The brand is applied to everything from distribution collateral to the website and marketing media.