Studio Suss

Website Design, Website Development / 2018

The Project Overview:

Studio Suss are an award-winning interior design agency based in London and headed up by sustainable-design advocate Simone Suss. Having built their original website in 2018, the design had to be updated in line with their 2021 rebrand for a more polished and heavyweight look.

With the content structure staying largely the same, the front-end was redesigned and built in the space of the week to meet the unveiling of their new branding to the interior design industry.

Project Team:

Repton Creative

Studio Suss Christmas Card

The website content remained largely the same as the front-end was rebuilt to better represent the new branding.

Studio Suss slidehow

Powerpoint slides created for Founder Simone’s keynote talk at a prominent design festival, in the previous branding.