Methods Group

Branding, Print Design / 2017

The Project Overview:

Methods Group is a 60m umbrella of industry leading technology firms working under a single brand. They recently took the decision to consolidate all brands into a single company to make a bigger impact on the private sector and contacted Repton to create the brand.

Going head-to-head with the ‘Big Four’ meant that the outcome had to be professional, clean and modern without shouting too loudly, while acknowledging the single teams that made the company so strong.

Project Team:

Repton Creative

Methods logos

The adaptive logo raises higher the historic colours of the appropriate ‘sub-brand’. This shows the specialisation remains, yet is supported by the group as a whole. The brief instructed that the palette be made up from the historic colours of these consolidated brands as a nod to the history of the group.

Methods Brochure

An example of a branded brochure for prospective clients.

The business cards for the different ‘sub-brands’ within the group – demonstrating the logo focus and the use of colour to establish identity and ownership.

Methods brand guidelines

Brand guidelines were supplied to encourage consistency going into Methods’ substantial rolling out of the new brand.

Methods logo in situ
Methods Collateral Image
Methods branding in situ
Methods branding in situ

Promotional signage was created to help cement the idea of the rebrand to the internal teams within Methods Group.