Capital OnTap

Branding / 2018

The Project Overview:

Capital OnTap offer credit to small businesses in the form of an app and card, much like a professional Monzo or Resolut. Having successfully launched and servicing tens of thousands of clients, they wanted to take the business to the next level with a brand more in line with their vision.

The advertising brains at The Table London brought in Repton Creative to collaborate for the creation of a more modern, high-street brand. With each milestone from concepts through to artworking and delivery, Repton and The Table got together to develop the finished article that you can see today.

Project Team:

Repton + The Table London

The concept stage of this project was so important to set the right course. OnTap wanted to take from the moodboard above, but create a more business-centred outcome that belongs amongst these brands.

Capital OnTap logos

The final logo and stand-alone icon with the chosen colourways. Eye-catching but professional. Techie but established.

Capital OnTap Credit Card
Capital OnTap Credit Card

The visual language expresses steady growth. Here it is applied to the standard and premium card designs.

Capital OnTap brand snapshot

The final brand book is the blueprint for OnTap’s continual development of the brand direction across their future outputs and campaigns.

Capital OnTap website 1
Capital OnTap website 2

The website design example was created to instruct the in-house design team at OnTap how to apply the new brand to their website using the new visual language.