Great, you’ve experienced that bright flash of light and decided to start your business. Maybe you’ve just taken on a new role at a growing company and have been tasked with bringing the branding up to standard. You’ve done the market research and have a vision for how it should look…but now what? I’d imagine that the next few questions go something like this:

Who do I go to for a new logo and business card? What is the ballpark cost for something like that? Can they make my website too, and if not, who do I go to for that? Are there going to be big maintenance fees and am I able to edit content myself – what are the right questions to ask to make sure I get what I want?

How I can help

In my decade of delivering just about everything from branding to websites to every type of business under the sun, I have noticed a common theme. Design is just too complicated. Specifically, the procurement of design.

My career has unusually been equally divided between delivering both branding design and websites (from design to development), so I am uniquely placed to bridge the gap between the void to be able to deliver or advise on the full-service creative work that businesses typically need most.

The vision

The idea of Repton Creative is to offer a full-service creative partner that requires only a brief to deliver everything a business will need to make their mark on their industry. No need to spread tasks between teams and without the costly agency overheads.

If you have an upcoming project and this approach speaks to you, feel free to drop an email. Equally, if you are a creative team in need of some extra firepower, get in touch and let’s collaborate.

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